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Lateral Restraint Ties

Stabilised bowed or bulging masonry using our lateral restraint tie bars. Used to tie a bow or in a wall by reconnecting the outer leaf to internal timber floor joists with specially designed lateral restraint ties. Our specialist team are able to provide support and datasheets.

Lateral Restraint Ties - Benefits & Installation Guide

Trusted by professional installers, this system restrains bulging / bowing walls by tying the bowed wall to internal timber joists

Systems are available for fixing through sides of joists or through joist ends

Ties are fitted from outside the property with a minimum of disturbance in most cases just lift a few floorboards to determine the position of the joists and to ensure hidden wires or pipes are avoided during the installation

Each restraint bow - tie has a drill-like leading end for cutting into softwood

Using a SDS drill, simply fix the lateral restraint ties (using the installation tool) into the timbers and resin fix the masonry end

Quick and Easy installation

Minimal disruption

Prevents timber splitting

Allows for normal movement

Smart finished appearance (No wall plates)

Suitable for both cavity and solid walls

Our network of structural engineers, surveyors and contractors can provide surveys, installation quotes and independent insurance backed designs.


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