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Crack Stitching & Helical Bars

For lasting crack repairs, stainless steel helical bars are used to reconnect and reinforce cracked brickwork. These helical spiral crack stitching bars are bonded across cracks in masonry using a cementitious grout or polyester resin. Our masonry repair systems have been trusted by professional installers for years as they are strong, durable & fast to install

How to Install Helical Bars

Crack Stitching helical bars are manufactured from Grade 304 (A2) austenitic stainless steel, 316 Grade (A4) is available upon request.

A non-disruptive brick crack repair

Cost effective and more stable than other masonry repair systems

Crack Stitching bars and SureGrout (or polyester resin) provide excellent bonding characteristics within the masonry

Crack Stitching bars have a superb combination of axial strength and flexibility

Helical bars absorbs further localised stress and minimises the likelihood of further cracking

A permanent repair that eliminates the need to rebuild a wall

A fast, cost effective solution

Our network of structural engineers, surveyors and contractors can provide surveys, installation quotes and independent insurance backed designs.


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