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Remedial Wall Ties

Helical Wall Ties, Resin & Grout Ties - From a few helical ties to a retrofit installation kit.
If you have any queries on remedial ties, please get in touch.

Installation Notes

Helical wall ties should be fixed into the centre of bricks- not mortar joints. The masonry should be sound.

House covered in render / pebble dash? Consider resin or grout ties if mortar joints are not visible or there are concerns about masonry condition.

Grade 304 (A2) ties are sold as standard- consider Grade 316 (A4) in highly corrosive areas such as marine locations or heavily polluted industrial environments. All products can be upgraded on request.

Helical mechanical drive ties must have a minimum embedment in the inner (load bearing) leaf of 70mm and pilot holes will be between 5.5mm and 6.5mm. 

We recommend that you test the strength of substrate before choosing the appropriate drill hole.

Read detail product datasheets on each shop listing

Wall ties being replaced should be removed or isolated.

Our network of structural engineers, surveyors and contractors can provide surveys, installation quotes and independent insurance backed designs.


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